1. Terms and Conditions.

1.1 Definitions:

Affiliates: Are all those affiliates of www.WINTOWN.com.mx who are in charge of advertising www.WINTOWN.com.mx through the publication of their ads or promotions. These affiliates get a commission when the user enters their website and performs the specific action (click on a banner, register, play, deposit and have positive revenue).

Referral and/or Customer: Means (as the case may be) one or more customers of the online gaming platform www.WINTOWN.com.mx that the AFFILIATE refers to WINTOWN.

Domain: The main purpose of domain names on the Internet is to translate the IP addresses of each asset on the network into memorable and easy to find terms. This abstraction makes it possible for any (network) service to move from one geographic location on the Internet to another, even if the change implies that it will have a different IP address.

Links: A link is text or images on a website that a user can click to access or connect to another document.

Logrand Entertainment Group: Means the group to which WINTOWN belongs and any other entity which, directly or indirectly, or alone or in agreement with others, controls, is controlled by, is affiliated with, or is under common control with WINTOWN.

Website: Online platform, in which the brands to be contracted are found.

Brands: Means the products offered by WINTOWN, which are: Poker, Bingo, Sportsbook, E-sports, Social Gaming and Fantasy or any other product designated by WINTOWN from time to time.

Affiliation Leaders: Affiliate service executives, responsible for the entire relationship between the brand and its affiliates, at the level of communication, promotions, payments, management of the affiliation program tool, among others.

Verticals/Products: Are those lines of business available to generate bets depending on the interest of the final customers of the platform which can be: Casino, Poker, Bingo, Sportsbook, E-sports, Social Gaming and Fantasy

Wintown: Website available to affiliates, where they can access the offer of available products or verticals as well as the registration of their account in our affiliation program.

Affiliate Program: The affiliate program is a term used in digital marketing to describe a system that makes it easier for program associates to make a profit by promoting the products or services of a company. In this case, the www.WINTOWN.com.mx affiliate program allows all affiliates to make profits by promoting the gaming brands associated to Wintown, obtaining profits on the net profits of their referred clients.

1.1 Customer registration

The referred clients of the AFFILIATE will be registered, following up on the transactions carried out by each Customer. We reserve the right to refuse a customer (or close an account) if necessary, in order to comply with the requirements we establish periodically. The term "Affiliate" refers to natural or legal persons who register in our affiliate program or product of one of the visits by the affiliation leaders, "REFERRAL/CUSTOMER" means the user who registers in one or more of our products, which will be called ?verticals:?. (Casino, Poker, Bingo, Sportsbook, E-sports, Social Gaming and Fantasy) after having entered such Website(s) through any of its links (URLs) provided by the Affiliate. Affiliates will become WINTOWN customers when they open an account with us, accordingly, as WINTOWN customers all of our operating rules and procedures will apply.

1.2 Follow-up on customer activity

We will constantly follow-up on Referral/Customer activities (bets and games) to provide them with a report with a summary of Referral/Customer activities. The AFFILIATE will be able to access this report at www.Wintown.com.mx

1.3 Charge of commission for referred customer

Subject to clause 6, WINTOWN will pay the AFFILIATE a commission of between 10% and 25% of the net profits (mentioned below) derived from customers who open a WINTOWN account, after being transferred from their website and once they place real money bets on the online gaming platform www.WINTOWN.com.mx ?

1.4 Modification

WINTOWN reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify any of the conditions contained in these Terms and Conditions or replace it at any time by any change or by establishing a new contract on our website. These changes could include, for example, the percentage commission for referrals and the rules of the 'Affiliate Program'. If, in the opinion of the AFFILIATE, any such modifications are unacceptable, their only option is to terminate this Contract. If they continue to participate in our 'Affiliate Program' after a change to the terms of the contract has been published or a new contract has been established, this will mean that they implicitly accept such changes to the conditions of the contract or the new contract.

1.5 Your application

If you wish to become a member of the 'Affiliate Program', you must accept these Conditions. To do so, please tick the appropriate box and complete and submit your application online or with our affiliation leaders. Such application will form an integral part of the Contract. We reserve the right to accept or reject your application and our decision will be final and absolved from any right of appeal. We will send you a message via email and/or through your account executive to notify you whether the application has been accepted or rejected.


2. Rights and obligations of the affiliate

2.1 Links to our websites

By registering with this 'Affiliate Program' you agree to create and maintain single links from your Website to the web pages belonging to NEW ADS within the Wintown site. ("WINTOWN") or which are operated by said company. You may link to us through any of our banners (designs), emails, articles or with a text link. This will be the only method by which you can promote us.

2.2 Minimum number of referred customers

All WINTOWN affiliates must refer a minimum of 10 active customers in the first 3 months after starting their affiliation contract. If an affiliate does not meet this requirement, the AFFILIATE's account will be closed, however, they will have the option to open a new account.

2.3 Unwanted email or spam

WINTOWN reserves the right to terminate this Contract immediately and unilaterally if there is any kind of spam or if you decide to advertise our services in any other way. The AFFILIATE may not at any time make any claim or give any warranty in connection with us, neither will they have the authority to relate to us with any type of obligation, in accordance with the provisions of the Contract for the Provision of Services.

2.4 Registration of domain names

Likewise, the AFFILIATE may not register (or request the registration of) any domain name similar to another domain name used by or registered on behalf of any member of LOGRAND ENTERTAIMENT GROUP and its affiliates, or any other name that may be associated with WINTOWN, Group.

2.5 Brand terms

The customer may not purchase or register keywords, search for terms or other identifiers to use in any Internet search engine, portal, advertising service or any other customer search or reference service that are identical or similar to any of the brands registered by the WINTOWN Group or that include the terms "WINTOWN", "sports", "casino" or any possible variation thereof or that include keywords that are identical or similar to any of the brands of the WINTOWN Group.

2.6 Agencies

By these Terms and Conditions, we give you the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to direct customers to any of our web pages in accordance with the conditions of this Contract. This Contract does not grant you any exclusive right or privilege when assisting us with the provision of services that may be derived from customers referred from your website. For obvious reasons, it is our intention at all times to endorse contracts and obtain assistance from other sources to carry out services or activities of the same or similar nature as those arising from your affiliation. You shall have no right to claim any commission for referred customers or any other type of compensation, whatever the nature, that does not arise from the management of your affiliation.

2.7 Approved designs

You may only use the creative designs that we have previously approved for use (banners, html, mailers, editorial columns, images and logos) and you may not change in any way their appearance, or promote us with any other material other than those found on www.wintown.com.mx . The appearance and syntax of the links will be designed and designated by us and will constitute the only permitted and authorized representation of our web pages. In particular, do not create any direct links to promotional materials on any of the WINTOWN websites.

2.8 Good faith

You may not knowingly benefit from any activity, customer traffic that was not generated in good faith either with or without the intention of causing us any harm. We reserve the right to withhold any monetary amount to which you may be entitled under the conditions of this Contract if we have reasonable grounds to believe that such customer traffic has been generated with your knowledge.

We reserve the right to freeze the payment of commissions to affiliates and/or suspend or close accounts where the affiliate abuses any of the offers or promotions of WINTOWN and its associated brands, either with or without your knowledge. This includes, but is not limited to situations in which different customers place bets on opposite results of the same event or section of the same, in order to minimize the risk and request bonuses.

2.9 Responsibility of your web page

Our affiliates shall be solely responsible for the development, management and maintenance of their web pages and all materials appearing in them. For example, our affiliates shall be solely responsible for ensuring that all materials appearing on their websites do not constitute a reason for defamation or illegality. In addition, affiliates shall be responsible for any claims, damages or expenses (including legal fees) arising directly or indirectly from the development, management, maintenance and content of their web pages.

The 'Affiliate Program' of WINTOWN aims for you to have direct participation. You may not open affiliate accounts in the name of other participants. You may not open affiliate accounts for third parties or transfer affiliate accounts. If an affiliate wishes to transfer an account to the owner of another beneficiary account, they must request permission from WINTOWN. To do so, please contact us. Approval is at our sole discretion.

2.10 Affiliation

There will be no affiliation between your website and any of the New Ads brands promoted on WINTOWN.

2.11 License to use brands

During the term of this Contract, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use our trade name, trademark, service brands, logos, and any other designations that we may from time to time approve, for the sole purpose of displaying promotional materials on your website. You may not grant this license in turn to third parties, assigned or transferred by you. Your right to use the brands is limited and reduced to this license only. The affiliate may not at any time assert the invalidity, unenforceability or doubt on the ownership of the brands in any action or dispute of any nature, and shall not take any action that may prejudice our rights on the brands, weaken their validity or diminish the goodwill associated with them. In the event that third parties may misuse the brands, the affiliate must notify us immediately.

3. Calculation of commissions for referred customers

3.1 Commission for referred customers

Subject to clause 6, the affiliate will earn a 10% to 25% commission based on the net profit generated by the referred customer. Net profit is defined as:

- The activity of Sportsbook, the gross amount received by us in respect of all bets already determined, made by customers after deducting (i) the economic amount paid to customers in respect of winnings from bets, (ii) the amount paid in respect of taxes (or any reasonable provision of funds thereof), (iii) the debts incurred, (iv) fraud, (v) the amounts bet that are returned, (vi) the transactions that are rejected by following the instructions of the card issuer of the holder, (vii) the cancelled bets and (viii) the bonuses for betting/revenue, (ix) license fees, (v) credits granted to users, (vi) bonuses,

- In casino activities, the value of the opening balance with the sum of funds transferred after deducting (i) the funds transferred out of the account, (ii) the closing balance, (iii) the credits/bonds granted to users, (iv) the amount paid in taxes (or any reasonable provision of funds therefrom), (v) the license fees, (vi) the transactions rejected by the card issuer of the holder, (vii) the debts incurred and (viii) fraud.

- In poker activities, the real value of the player (defined below) after deducting (i) the amount paid in taxes (or any reasonable provision of funds therefrom), (ii) the license fees, (iii) the bonuses on poker chips, (iv) the transactions rejected by the card issuer of the holder, (v) debts and (vi) fraud.

- In E-sports activities, the gross amount bet after deducting (i) the canceled bets, (ii) the winnings, (iii) the amount paid in taxes (or any reasonable provision of funds therefrom), (iv) the license fees, (v) the credits granted to users, (vi) bonuses, (vii) the transactions rejected by the card issuer of the holder, (viii) debts and (ix) fraud.

- In Social Gaming activities, the gross amount bet after deducting (i) the canceled bets, (ii) the winnings, (iii) the amount paid in taxes (or any reasonable provision of funds therefrom), (iv) the license fees, (v) the credits granted to users, (vi) bonuses, (vii) the transactions rejected by the card issuer of the holder, (viii) debts and (ix) fraud.

- In Fantasy activities, the gross amount bet after deducting (i) the canceled bets, (ii) the winnings, (iii) the amount paid in taxes (or any reasonable provision of funds therefrom), (iv) the license fees, (v) the credits granted to users, (vi) bonuses, (vii) the transactions rejected by the card issuer of the holder, (viii) debts and (ix) fraud.

- In bingo activities, the gross amount bet after deducting (i) the canceled bets, (ii) the winnings, (iii) the amount paid in taxes (or any reasonable provision of funds therefrom), (iv) the license fees, (v) the credits granted to users, (vi) bonuses, (vii) the transactions rejected by the card issuer of the holder, (viii) debts and (ix) fraud.

We reserve the right to change the commission percentage and calculation method as we see fit, subject to clause 1.4.

3.2 Method for the calculation of commissions

Affiliates may request the charge of commissions on the balance of their winnings in Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Fantasy, Bingo, Social Gaming, E-sports. If this balance is negative (either in Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Fantasy, Bingo, Social Gaming, E-sports), the corresponding deduction will be made in the available commissions.

4. Payment of commissions for referred customers

4.1 Request of payment of commissions for referred customers

Before you can request the payment of a commission for referred customer, your WINTOWN affiliate account must have a minimum of 5 referred customers. Subject to the provisions of clause 6, you may request a monthly commission payment, provided that you have met the above requirements by the end of the previous month.

You accept the self-billing procedure between you and WINTOWN with respect to the payment of commissions for referring customers. Under the self-billing procedure, if you wish to request for the payment of any commission for referring customers, you must do so through your account in the WINTOWN affiliate system. Then, we will generate a bill with the information related to your commission for referring customers, which you agree to receive. The payment of any bill is made according to the conditions established below and is subject to them. You agree not to request any bill with RFC with respect to your services as an affiliate. You agree to notify us if your business owner or registration changes. This self-billing procedure will remain in effect for the duration of this Contract.

Requests for payment of commissions for referred customers in one month may be made at any time from the beginning of the first day (GMT-5Mexico City time) of the following month.

The minimum commission payment request for referred customers of one month will be in Mexican pesos.



Mexican Peso

MXN 2.000


Requests for payments of commissions for referred customers may be made based on their net winnings:

(i) to a designated WINTOWN account (recommended), it is easier and faster when withdrawing funds by any payment method available at www.WINTOWN.com.mx

(ii) bank transfer

Please note that while WINTOWN will not charge you any commission for bank transfers, your own bank may charge you a fee for such transactions.

Please note that, as an affiliate, you may not under any circumstances be resident in the U.S. and/or refer customers from that country WITHIN THE MEXICAN REPUBLIC.?

4.2 Currency of commissions for referred customers

All payments of commissions for referred customers will be made in Mexican pesos (MXN).

5. Duration of the contract, consequences and inappropriate websites

5.1 Duration and termination of the contract

This contract shall become effective once your application for affiliation has been approved and shall continue to be in force until either party notifies the other in writing of its intention to terminate the contract, in which case the contract shall be terminated immediately. The termination, rightly or wrongly, shall be the free will of both parties. For the purposes of termination of contract, writing via e-mail shall be considered as an immediate and written form of notice.

5.2 Consequences

Once the contract is terminated, you must remove all our banners or icons from your web page and disable all links on your website that transfer to all WINTOWN web pages. All rights and licenses previously granted to you in this contract shall cease to be in force with immediate effect. You will immediately return any confidential information that may be in your possession and any copies of such confidential information in your possession, and you will immediately cease to use our brands.

5.3 Inappropriate web pages

We will cancel this Contract if we determine (in our sole discretion) that your website is inappropriate. Inappropriate web pages include, but are not limited to, websites directed to children and/or minors, that contain any form of pornography or other unlawful sexual acts, that promote violence, that promote racial, sexual or religious discrimination, that promote xenophobia, that discriminate against physical disability, sexual orientation or age and that promote illegal activities or that violate intellectual property rights or any advertising regulations or code of practice.

5.4 Duplicate accounts and self-referrals

You may not open more than one affiliate account without prior written permission, nor may you earn commissions for self-referred customers (i.e. referring yourself or people related to you) to WINTOWN websites (Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, E-sports, Fantasy, Bingo and/or Social Gaming).

6. Continuous promotion

You must incorporate and display, continuously and prominently, the most current links provided on all pages of your website, in the manner and location previously agreed with us, without altering the form, location or operation of the links without our prior written consent. You may request the payment of commissions for referred customers provided that there is continuous promotion on your part in the different verticals. We reserve the right to reduce the percentages of commissions for referred customers if you reduce your efforts to recruit new customers. The reduction or suspension of the promotion of our web pages will be taken as the termination of the Contract.

8. Indemnification

You shall defend, indemnify and hold WINTOWN, its officers, employees, or any of its representatives harmless from any problem, loss, damage or cost (including legal fees) resulting from: (a) any breach by the affiliate of any warranty, representation or term contained in this Contract, (b) the performance by the affiliate of their functions and obligations under this Contract, (c) the negligence of the affiliate or (d) any damage caused directly or indirectly by the intentional action or omission of the affiliate, or the unauthorized use of the 'Affiliate Program' banners and links.

9. Waivers

WINTOWN does not express or imply warranties or representations with respect to the 'Affiliate Program', about ourselves or about the agreements for the charge of commissions for referred customers (including, without limitation, functionality, suitability warranties of suitability, merchantability, legality or non-infringement), and does not express or imply any warranty arising in the course of an action, commercial deal or use of commerce. In addition, we make no representation that the operation of our web pages is interrupted or error-free, and we shall not be liable for any consequences if there is any. In the event of any discrepancy between the reports offered in the www.wintown.com system and the WINTOWN databases, the database reports shall be deemed correct.

10. Limitation of Liability

We shall not be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages (or any loss of income, profits or data) arising from the development of this Contract or the 'Affiliate Program', even if we were notified in advance of the possibility of such damages. In addition, the total liability that WINTOWN may have with respect to this Contract and the 'Affiliate Program' shall not exceed the total amount payable to you by way of commissions for referred customers under the conditions of this Contract. Nothing in this Contract shall be construed as providing any right, remedy or benefit to any person, entity or party to this Contract. Our obligations under this Contract shall not involve any personal obligation of our officers, employees or shareholders. Any liability arising from this Contract shall be limited only to direct damages to commissions produced for referred customers.


I accept the terms and conditions